Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday: quickly tourist visit at Cuzco city

Finally this day we can rest so we slept late, had a good breakfast at our hotel (a lot of fruits and juices) and then went to take photos in the city. Walking around the little cobbled streets of the historic centre we found "Cicciolina" restaurant. Lucky us it wasn't full yet... :) (one day before we wanted to book but it was full). It is a chic restaurant, probably the hottest and most stylish in Cusco. The restaurant looks ripped from the Tuscan countryside. The long and often boisterous country-elegant bar is decorated with bunches of garlic, peppers, and fresh-cut flowers and is a great spot for one of the excellent cocktails (such as a maracuy√° sour), or dinner itself, especially if you're in the mood for creative tapas. The bar wraps around the kitchen area where a small army of cooks prepare your food. The high-ceilinged dining room at the back, one of the few places in Cusco for true fine dining, features high-backed chairs, deep-red walls, contemporary art, and large antique mirrors. The menu focuses on unusual spices and accents, with a number of adventurous dishes. You might start with porcini mushroom soup (topped with a pisco froth) or spicy barbecued calamari, prawns, and scallops, which is served with a minty rice noodle salad. Main courses include large, superb salads (including a yummy mix of rare roast beef and vegetables), excellent homemade pastas, and alpaca filet.

At night was another history, i get flu and i cant stop to sneeze but i decided go out anyway and we went to Tupanachis lounge, it has a great atmosphere, the salmon carpaccio was good and the three kind of cebiches very fresh i can say was a good dinner and great drinks even while not had all my senses good by the flu.

San Blas

Principal square

At Cicciolina restaurant

At Tupananchi with flu :((

Veronica Diaz
Alpaca & Cotton