Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Peruvian coffee wins quality award from U.S. association

The high quality of Peruvian coffee has been recognized at the Coffees of the Year Competition 2010, where it was awarded with the highest Prize to Quality, and reached the fifth place during the first stage of the event, thus qualifying "Coffee of the Year” competition. “Tunki Coffee,” from Puno, the awarded coffee, competed in this category against other 140 samples from 25 countries. This coffee was produced by farmers from the Central of Cooperatives at the Sandia Valley, aka Cecovasa. Cecovasa reunites 4,800 producers in eight cooperatives from Tambopata and Inambari valleys, in the province of Sandia, in Puno. The fair is organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.
In Peru you can find a lot of coffee's qualities and the most popular are not the better ones also you can find organic coffee, so if you go to a market look for the premium presentation, most of the best peruvian brands have this presentation. Even in Starbucks you can find Peruvian coffee... so there are not excuses to miss it.

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