Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mario Testino's exhibition

For the first time in his career, one of the most influential personalities in fashion, photographer Mario Testino, will present an exhibition in his homeland, Peru, for the reopening of MALI (Lima Art Museum). Portraits gathers 90 superb photographs of celebrities like Pricess Diana, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Julia Roberts, The Rolling Stones, Brad Pitt and more... was first presented in London, in 2002, very much appraised by the international community. It then went on to Milan, New York, Amsterdam, Tokio and other parts of the World, and is now known to be Testino's most celebrated exhibition.
English top model, Kate Moss, is one of the international guests attending Mario Testino's 'Portraits' exhibition at the Lima Art Museum (MALI), she said “it’s wonderful to be in Peru”.
Also, Kate Moss flew over the Nasca lines in Ica, south of Lima, along with her boyfriend Jamie Hince, guitarist of the band The Kills, according to local media reports. The flight was on a Hotel Paracas private jet. Peruvian photographer Mario Testino, friend of the model, joined the couple on their journey to Paracas. The Bay of Paracas was the natural scenario for a photo shoot featuring the British supermodel Kate Moss, directed by the famous Peruvian photographer Mario Testino.

If you are in Peru, this exhibition will be open until 23th May. Don't lose the opotunity to visit the Museum.

Veronica Diaz

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